L E V I N  C O L M A R
Levin Colmar

German - Italian parents,
University studies, merchant seaman, cameraman, various posts in museums.

Interested in photography, movies, graphic arts, history and culture of Latin America and Israel.

Trips to Cuba; travel in Near East; one year stay in Western Africa.

1994 - present:  intense preoccupation with visual arts.
Oils, water colors, India ink, graphics, sculptures, texts

1995 - present:  Israel, Cuba, Mexico, U.S.A.
Research trips to Poland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

1996:  Graphic portfolio ”Kennung.” with Carlfriedrich Claus and Klaus Sobolewski, Chemnitz.

1998:  Graphic portfolio “Spuren”.

1998:  Cycle of images: “Tanz”; Exhibition in Theatre l'Octogone, Pully,

1997-1998:  photographic record of artist Carlfriedrich Claus and his mileu.

2000:  publication of photographic diary "Carlfriedrich Claus - Auszug" with texts
by Friederike Mayröcker, Vienna;  Alain Arias-Misson, New York;  Gabriele Juppe, Chemnitz.

2002:  Graphic portfolio”Kreuzwege” with Alain Arias-Misson, New York; Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, La Habana; Georg Dick and Gregor-Torsten Kozik, Chemnitz.

2006 Participation in the "Ancestors" project of the Austrian sculptor Gernot Riedmann.

2006 Research trip to Argentinia.

2009 - 2012 residence in Necochea, Bs.As., Argentina.

2009 Research trips to Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru.

2012 Research trips to Paraguay, Uruguay.

2012 book "Huellas en la nieve de los ojos ",
text Arturo Serrano, drawings Levin Colmar.

At present Levin Colmar lives and works in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Exhibitions in:

Chemnitz, Neubrandenburg (Germany)
Lausanne, Pully (Switzerland)
Kielce (Poland)
Göteborg (Sweden)
Vigo (Spain)
La Habana (Cuba)
Necochea (Argentina)


Works in Public and Private Collections in:

Altenburg, Berlin, Chemnitz, Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Hannover, Hamburg, Kiel, Neubrandenburg, Stuttgart (Germany)
Basel, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Kielce (Poland)
Vienna (Austria)
Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
La Habana (Cuba)
Buenos Aires, Necochea (Argentina)
New York, Los Angeles (U.S.A)
Mexico City (Mexico)
Berlaar (Belgium)
Paris (France)
Venice (Italy)
Sydney (Australia)
Asuncion (Paraguay)